It’s Indian Hammock HUNT and Riding Club!

And with hunting we have a Hunt committee which organizes the maintenance of the hunting feeders, food plots and sets the rules for the community on hunting with its SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).  

The primary goal of the committee is safety and communication with the IH members, along with those interested in hunting.  We share the outback with everyone, so communication on when and where hunters are operating is paramount to safety.

The committee, hunters and anyone interested meet roughly every month in the spring and summer leading up to hunting season.  It’s in those meetings that we organize tasks, set our budget and plan special events.  Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings.

There are fees associated with hunting which vary depending on the age or type of hunting someone chooses to participate in.

This year’s committee members are Mike Dixon and John Kassing as Co-chairs, Anthony DeFilippo, Chad Burr, Jonathon Brown, Matt Rector and Max Kolshak. Indian Hammock has Deer hunting which begins in September each year and ends in January.   Turkey season picks up in March and ends late April.  From the beginning of Deer season to the end of Turkey season, we can hunt hogs.  During that same September to April window, we also have bird hunting with snipe, dove and quail.    Small game, such as rabbits, or predators, such as bobcats and coyotes, are also available according to FWC regulations.

Hunt zones map

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