The Communications Committee assists the board of directors and manager by communicating all business and social events to the community.  Once a month, after the board meeting, we produce and publish the Hammock Herald.  As of 2023, the Hammock Herald has been combined with newsletter known as the Tom Tom.  This new format has 3 sections.  First is the Club business section which includes board meeting minutes, the manager’s report, and business-related committee reports.  Section two is dedicated to social events and amenity news.  Here you will find photos of recent events, articles and stories submitted by committee chairs, upcoming event flyers, and the events calendar. The last section is dedicated to our advertisers. We encourage all members to support our advertisers and highlighted non-profits who receive courtesy ads when space allows.

Additionally, we send the lodge specials menu to you weekly on Tuesday and maintain and update the website, including the classified advertisements on a routine basis.

We are always available to all committees to create flyers for their upcoming events.

Committee chairs can send articles/reports and event photos to our email with a deadline always the Tuesday after the board meeting.

If you are interested in advertising here on our website and in our monthly newsletter, please click this link Advertising info for pricing and details or send an email.  All proceeds from advertising go to support lodge improvements for the entire community to enjoy.

Our committee also maintains the IH Shop on the website offering apparel, or as we like to call it, Indian Hommock Swag. All items come with the custom embroidery of your choice at no extra cost. Click here to start shopping. Below is a flyer with the current selections being offered.

If you would like to join the committee, we would love to have you.  Please send us an email.

We hope to hear from you soon,
Nathalie LaMothe & Cristina Rossodavita, NEW Hammock Herald Co-Editors
Carol Devine, Graphic Design and Webmaster
DeAnne Harland, Proofreader

Below are some links that you will find helpful:

Letter for potential advertisers

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