Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Committee will review procedures and update as necessary keeping in compliance with the Declaration of Restrictions for Land-clearing/Landscape and Building /Construction Rules and Regulations.
The Committee will review the Land-clearing/Landscaping (Exhibit A) and the Building/Construction (Exhibit B) as necessary to make sure they are in compliance with the Declaration of Restrictions.

The Declaration of Restrictions is as follows: “No clearing on any Residential Lot or construction of any building or structure of any kind including additions, alterations, changes of exterior color or materials, pools, fences, walls, patios, terraces or barbecue pits shall be permitted until the plans and specifications, location and plot plan therefor, in detail and to scale, including uncleared, natural areas, landscaping and exterior colors, shall have been submitted to and approved by the Club in writing. The Club may impose a reasonable fee (the “Review Fee”) to defray the Club’s costs of review of such plans and specifications. The plans, specifications, and location of all construction thereunder, and every alteration of any building or structure shall be in accordance with all applicable building codes. Refusal of approval of plans and specifications, location, and plot plan, by the Club may be on any ground, including purely aesthetic grounds, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Club.

Before starting any land clearing or building project, members are required to contact the Club Manager to determine what is required.

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Please note: **All SOP/ARC documents (below) govern the building/landscape/clearing procedures at Indian Hammock.

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